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Ever been on a date where you find yourself looking at the stain on the floor more than the person across the table? No? Well now time to live out that fantasy!

The most accurate dating simulator to date, Rubbernecking is a comically fun game where your goal is to entertain yourself until the date ends, but be careful not to anger your date.

The Leftovers:

Justin Kuo - Programmer, Game Designer

Laura Buczynski - 3D Artist, Game Designer

Rebecca Slover - Producer, Sound Designer

Raymond Tan - Artist, Level Designer

This game was made over a 5 week period for as a school project


Rubbernecking Final Build v2.1.zip 20 MB


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I had a good time with this game! You can't touch your keyboard or it freezes, but Great job!

This sounds cool but when the game starts, the stupid bill is in my face and I can't do anything... :/

Sorry about that, I just fixed it. Did not notice it when I made the last build.

Thanks, works now!